BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal are being heavily criticised by Arsenal legend, right now after a hugely disappointing performance in today’s 2-1 defeat away to Fulham. He said ” Defeat for Arsenal and that was one of their worst performances of the season. Arteta’s side so sluggish and they never got going. Fulham worthy winners. Arsenal now three League games without a win”.

Arsenal is currently receiving a lot of flak on X, the former Twitter, for their extremely subpar performance in today's 2-1 away loss to Fulham.


Bukayo Saka put Arsenal in front early on in their attempt to recover from their unexpected loss to West Ham at home earlier in the week. However, their performance at Craven Cottage lacked momentum and drive.

Despite Arsenal’s tough luck with missed opportunities against West Ham, they couldn’t match Fulham’s performance on the day. Admitting defeat, they can’t argue with the outcome, having been outplayed for much of the match.

Mikel Arteta’s squad is facing an uncertain phase, and pinpointing the exact issue plaguing them remains unclear. Yet, turning things around now becomes crucial to rejoin the title race. Notably, prominent Arsenal analysts are pulling no punches in critiquing their recent display.

The games versus West Ham and Fulham were seen by Arsenal as chances to solidify their position as title contenders. However, suffering two losses has significantly boosted Liverpool and Manchester City, while even surprise package Aston Villa may harbor hopes of contention.

Upcoming for Arsenal is an FA Cup third-round clash against Liverpool, followed by a Premier League fixture against Crystal Palace on January 20th at home. These matches hold pivotal importance in their quest to recover and regain their footing in the competitions.

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