SHOCKING NEWS: Man utd legend Schmeichel lashes out at Anthony saying, doesn’t understand the game he should be sold or be sent on load with immediate effect. Legendary United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has now joined the chorus of voices calling for Antony to be dropped amid his horrendous form. He said ” he should be ashamed of himself, He doesn’t give much to the team. He frustrates his teammates. It’s really frustrating, he’s not made an assist and he’s not scored, it’s like he’s not really understanding the game he should he sold or sent on loan”. Antony has scored one Premier League goal this calendar year.

Peter Schmeichel, a Manchester United legend, was blunt in his evaluation of Antony's current season.


The Brazilian winger’s struggles persist at Manchester United. In their recent match against Nottingham Forest, the 23-year-old once again delivered a disappointing performance, adding to his bleak record in 2023 with just one Premier League goal.

Despite Gary Neville’s comparison to Riyad Mahrez, most people widely regard Antony as one of the worst signings in Premier League history. His shortcomings have come to symbolize the regrettable transfer decisions made by Manchester United in recent times.

An interesting twist unfolded as Anthony Elanga, a player previously offloaded by United, played a pivotal role in setting up Forest’s winning goal. Elanga has shown significantly higher productivity than Antony this season and still holds potential value for the Red Devils.

Peter Schmeichel, a revered figure at United, has now aligned with others in urging that Antony be excluded from the squad due to his abysmal form. Speaking to SuperSport, Schmeichel advised Erik ten Hag to reconsider fielding Antony, highlighting the winger’s lack of contribution to the team and his tendency to frustrate his fellow teammates.

Schmeichel pointed out Antony’s failure to score or assist this season, indicating a possible lack of comprehension of the game’s intricacies. As a winger, Antony has not fulfilled expected duties, possibly due to his limited pace, raising questions about whether managerial directives have contributed to his poor performance.

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