BREAKING NEWS: according to Fabrizio Romano, Real Madrid president had reportedly set Kylian Mbappe a deadline for him to make his decision for a potential transfer. They wanted the Paris Saint-Germain star to inform them if he will be joining at the end of the season by the middle of January. And the latest new coming from Fabrizio Romano is the he (Mbappe) has agreed to join Real Madrid by the end of the season and will sign a pre agreement contract with Real Madrid.


Real Madrid has set a deadline for Kylian Mbappe to decide on a potential transfer, urging him to communicate his intentions regarding a move by mid-January. Learning from past errors, Real Madrid aims to avoid repeating history by securing a pre-contract with Mbappe, signaling their continued interest in the French star for the upcoming summer.

Mbappe has confirmed his decision not to extend his contract with PSG, which is set to expire next summer. He expressed his aspiration to progress in his career, indicating that leaving at the end of the season is the optimal step forward. In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Mbappe clarified that while he hasn’t actively pursued a transfer to Real Madrid, he has declined activating the contract’s additional year. He mentioned contentment with staying at PSG for the following season.

Despite PSG’s attempts to negotiate a new deal or facilitate a transfer last summer, Mbappe turned down all propositions, including a substantial €300 million offer from Al Hilal. PSG, particularly president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, expressed dismay over Mbappe’s refusal to extend his contract, highlighting the club’s substantial investment and verbal agreement to avoid a free departure.

Al-Khelaifi stressed the importance of a prompt decision, emphasizing that no individual, not even Mbappe, holds precedence over the club’s interests. Real Madrid previously held confidence in signing Mbappe when his contract neared expiration in 2022, but the player made a significant U-turn, opting for a new two-year deal with an optional additional year. This scenario underlines Real Madrid’s renewed pursuit of Mbappe while being cautious to prevent revisiting past contract negotiation pitfalls.

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