BREAKING NEWS: from Fabrizio Romano reveals a startling development regarding VAR, which has come under scrutiny following the release of footage unveiling potential corruption within modern football. The video showcases a peculiar interaction between a match official and Mikel Arteta during a post-game handshake, leading to investigations confirming biased officiating in favor of Arsenal. This revelation has added to Liverpool’s frustrations, as they’ve suffered significantly from poor refereeing decisions this season, resulting in the loss of nine points due to errors.

Martin Odegaard committed a flagrant handball inside the box, and both the referee and the VAR chose to ignore it, infuriating Liverpool.


In a challenging match against Arsenal at Anfield, the Reds faced a 1-1 draw, marked by Mo Salah’s crucial 29th-minute equalizer following Gabriel’s early opener.


However, the game was shrouded in controversy as decisions seemed to favor the visiting side, notably during an incident involving Odegaard’s apparent handball. As Salah attempted to maneuver around Odegaard, the Arsenal player seemingly handled the ball akin to basketball. Despite fervent appeals from Liverpool players for a handball, referee Chris Kavanagh dismissed their protests, a decision upheld by VAR official David Coote. Surprisingly, Arsenal’s man of the match, William Saliba, acknowledged the handball in his post-match interview.


Expressing dismay at the decision, Klopp voiced his bewilderment in the post-game interview, questioning why the referee didn’t opt for a second look considering the apparent nature of the incident.


Adding fuel to the fire, social media erupted with accusations of ‘corruption’ after footage surfaced depicting an unconventional interaction between the match official and Mikel Arteta as they exchanged post-game handshakes.


This unfortunate incident isn’t an isolated case for Liverpool this season. They’ve suffered from questionable officiating, resulting in a loss of nine points due to referee errors. These include controversial incidents like the Luis Diaz goal disputed against Spurs, along with contentious handball situations against Chelsea and Manchester United. The accumulation of these incidents has left Liverpool and its fans aggrieved, raising concerns about the consistency and fairness of officiating decisions impacting their matches.

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