BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano, Real Madrid president is said to be furious with Kylian Mbappe after the player publicly said he’s not joining Real Madrid during the January transfer window. It still remains that Real Madrid are still Interested in him and real Madrid president has sent a warning” join us now or NEVER.”


Kylian Mbappe can sign a pre-contract with another team in a week, which means Paris Saint-Germain will no longer be able to stop him from leaving. But things are still very much up in the air; there’s currently a 50/50 chance he might stay or go.

Real Madrid is still very interested in Mbappe, but they prefer that the 24-year-old initiate contact rather than the team pressuring him to accept terms. However, there may be progress on this starting in the following month.

Mbappe won’t be departing PSG in January, that much is certain. According to Sport, the player and the club have reached a consensus that he won’t try to leave during the winter transfer window, giving the French champions an opportunity to persuade him to sign a new deal.

In the upcoming months, it will be fascinating to watch how Mbappe’s situation develops. Real Madrid is concerned that what happened to them last year—when he decided against joining and decided to stay at PSG—might happen again. That very well may occur in 2024.

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