SHOCKING NEWS: Fabrizio Romano reports the latest news coming from Manchester United, Newcastle director of football Dan Ashworth’s potential departure to Manchester United is dependent on whether the Glazers will continue to have a large say on football operations, he said ” I am very open to join on of the biggest club in the world man utd and owing to my relationship with Sir Dave Brailsworth I’m ready to work with the club but only one condition, you can how bad United transfer has been in the last 3,4 years ago and the Glazers are the cause cause the always have a say in every transfer whwreby bring players who can’t give result. I will accept a move to Man Utd if my works in tandem with the new regime and my operations are not affected by any influence from the Glazer family.

FootballTransfers understands that the Glazers' continued influence over football operations will determine whether director of football Dan Ashworth of Newcastle leaves for Manchester United.


The former head of Brighton would only consider a move to Old Trafford if he received strong support and was given the same latitude as he did at Newcastle.

The 52-year-old is interested in joining one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League, but the Magpies understand that he’s focused on the current situation at St. James’ Park.

But Ashworth will only agree to join Manchester United if he collaborates with the new administration and the Glazer family has no influence over his decisions.

Dan Ashworth heading to Manchester United from Newcastle?
Ashworth is content with his position at Newcastle, but because of his past association with Sir Dave Brailsworth—who is very keen to bring in the highly-regarded football executive—he might be drawn to a move to Old Trafford.

As their primary two leaders in the recruitment department, Ineos will try to bring in both Ashworth and Paul Mitchell, who Footballwave revealed Man Utd were keen on earlier this year.

As was previously mentioned, Mitchell recently relocated to the northwest of England in order to increase his chances of landing a position with Erik ten Hag’s team at Old Trafford.

After some poor decisions over the last three windows, the Dutch coach’s power at the club will be diminished and he won’t have as much say in transfers if Ashworth and Mitchell arrive.

The former Ajax manager has also drawn criticism from the team for overworking some players and playing them too soon after their injuries.

We also learn that Marcus Edwards might be named as Jadon Sancho’s replacement in the event of his departure.

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