BREAKING NEWS: coming from Fabrizio Romano VAR has revealed that dalot red was not meant to stand and Nunez should have been sent off. A lot of controversies came up after Dalot was sent off at 90+4 mins. And the full details has been revealed.

Darwin Nunez ought to have been sent off in the first half of the game, according to Manchester United supporters.


Liverpool was a huge favourite going into the match after defeating them 7-0 the previous time.

However, the United reserve team pulled off a draw at Anfield, which will undoubtedly be viewed as a fantastic accomplishment for them.

Referee Michael Oliver called Nunez’s tackle on Tottenham defender Jonny Evans a bookable offence during the first half.

However, the Uruguayan’s response to the foul could have easily resulted in his dismissal. The referee booted the ball far away as soon as he blew the whistle for a foul, which could have easily resulted in a yellow card.

Dalot, meanwhile, was given a yellow card for dissent in the 94th minute after he objected to the referee’s call of a throw-in to Liverpool. Even though it appeared that the issue had been resolved, he was given another yellow card for disobedience under strange circumstances a few seconds later.

As a result, supporters criticised the referee, claiming he was biassed in favour of Liverpool.

Liverpool played poorly, wasting opportunities in the attack even though they dominated the majority of the match.

They missed the opportunity to extend their lead over the reigning champions, Manchester City, to six points and move back to the top of the table with a one-point advantage over Arsenal.

  1. Gidotty says

    Every Manchester fan has lose hope saying
    Liverpool will win the game but unfortunately the game ended as a draw
    And the refree has support for the Liverpool cause of some cards he gives
    Like dalot, he recieve two yellow card before red card, and we will be happen if they will punish the refree and if ppssible cancel the red card

  2. Jonathan Mwanza says

    Not good am not happy.

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