BREAKING NEWS: “I love Madrid I love playing here I want to be involved in ever match but my chance is limited due to competition but I and my family have made a decision it’s either I get a more prominent role in the team or I leave and continue my career elsewhere”. 24-year-old Real Madrid star desires a bigger part on the team or move to rivals Atletico Madrid.


One man’s suffering is another man’s delight, and it appears that Real Madrid forward Brahim Diaz is the main character in this tale.

Following Vinicius Jr.’s injury at the start of the season, Carlo Ancelotti was forced to use the 24-year-old former AC Milan playmaker, and he hasn’t let Carlo down.

It’s interesting to note that Diaz’s manager is now selecting him over Joselu due to his increased stock. According to footballwave, he is now only looking for a bigger role than that of a squad player.

Diaz honouring faith
With three goals in just 418 minutes so far this season, Diaz will probably eclipse Joselu’s record of six goals in 969 minutes, as both have similar goal-per-game ratios.

It is important to remember that Diaz’s injury—which was caused by Vinicius—was what gave him the chance to play for the first team. The 24-year-old has made the most of this opportunity, scoring two goals in his last two games (G1, A1).

In addition, his lively and dynamic style of play has quickly won over the Madrid supporters, and now that the bar has been raised, they will be expecting a lot from him in the next games.

His choices will be very important.
Diaz is currently facing a lot of challenges because of his commitment to the national team, which has an impact on his time at Real Madrid.

It affects his status at Real Madrid, but it also has an impact on his chances of playing for the Spanish or Moroccan national teams in the next Euro Cup and African Cup, respectively.

Though Brahim was initially leaning towards selecting Spain, he finds himself in a difficult situation because the coach of the Spanish team, Luis de la Fuente, has not yet called him up. Although he waits patiently, time is running out for the 24-year-old.

Despite the situation, Brahim is devoted to his work at Real Madrid and hopes that he will become more than just a spark plug when representing the club or his country.


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