BREAKING NEWS: A sounding warning has been to Chelsea fc. One of Chelsea legend has warned that the club may come to regret not acquiring the exceptional talent that Barcelona cannot afford. The lad has already handed in a transfer request and has told the club he wants to leave but its all left to Chelsea to make a decision.

This winter, there should be a lot of activity in the transfer market as teams like Chelsea and Barcelona search for acquisitions that will provide them a competitive advantage in the second halves of their respective league campaigns.


If the selling teams notice a glimmer of desperation in the eyes of possible bidders, mid-season acquisitions are probably also going to cost more.

There may occasionally be a deal to be had, but clubs will need to act quickly to locate and then acquire them.

One such player who may be acquired for a very small sum of money is Gabriel Moscardo, the wonder youngster at Corinthians, though Chelsea may have lost the opportunity to sign him.

“I’ve been informed that signing Moscardo will cost interested clubs approximately €25 million.

In August, Chelsea expressed interest in him, but Corinthians was not formally approached.

Currently, five or six clubs from Italy and the UK are interested, but nothing has been agreed or moved forward as of yet. He’s currently too pricey for BarΓ§a.

Of course, Barcelona’s financial difficulties are widely known, but Todd Boehly’s Chelsea has not experienced any similar problems in the last two transfer windows.

Maybe the Blues are hedging their bets at this time and waiting to see how the transfer market plays out, or maybe they simply didn’t like the player after making initial inquiries.

Moscard appears to have a bright future in the game, and Chelsea may come to regret their early hesitation.

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