BREAKING NEWS: Latest report coming from Colombia it has been confirmed that Liverpool FC star Luis Diaz father has been released after two weeks of being abducted. This will come as a huge relief ending the Diaz’s family ordeal.

After being abducted over two weeks ago by a Colombian guerrilla organisation, Luis Diaz's father was eventually set free.


The 26-year-old Liverpool player missed the Reds’ matches against Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth on October 28 due to his parents’ apprehension in Northern Colombia. He is scheduled to play against Luton Town on Sunday.


The football player’s father was reported missing after he and his mother were abducted by armed men on motorbikes at a petrol station in the little town of Barrancas. His mother was located soon after the event.

The organisation that kidnapped Diaz Sr., ELN, promised last week to free the football player’s father, but they took their time.

Reports in Colombia from publications like Semana state that Diaz’s father was released and given to the Catholic church before going back to his family.

Diaz will be much relieved by this news, since he has been going through a terrible period ever since it was revealed that his parents had been abducted two weeks ago.

The Colombian sensation will play against Toulouse on Thursday night. He is expected to dedicate his goal to his father as a way to celebrate the good news.



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