LATEST NEWS: Coming from Old Trafford. Another Man United star has been dropped from the first time squad and also the starting lineup after his recent outburst with Erik ten hag. He will be disciplined same way as Sancho and will be out of the team till further notice.


The most recent information regarding Jadon Sancho’s extended absence from the Manchester United first team is that the group on WhatsApp that the club uses has been closed.

The winger in question has reportedly been “axed” from the conversation that Erik ten Hag and his coaching staff use to “send key info to first-team players,” according to information obtained by footballwave .

This is the same action that has been done in an attempt to get Sancho off the first team roster.

Today, at the age of 23, the athlete has been “banned” from first team practises and is forced to train alone or play with the under-18 team. Because of the procedures in place to guarantee his protection, Sancho must use the locker room alone while he trains with the young squad.

He is also not allowed to use the canteen or any other facilities that are designated for the first team. While studying in the academy section, Sancho gets his own lunch from a takeaway box.

Sancho must utilise the academy version of the parking lot and is not permitted to park in the senior side lot.

According to footballwave, Ten Hag wants the winger to apologise before he can be added back to the starting lineup.

In the open forum, Sancho contested his manager’s justification for leaving him out of the matchday squad that visited the Emirates Stadium in September. The 23-year-old suggested on X (previously known as Twitter) that his manager was lying and trying to use him as a “scapegoat” without specifically naming Ten Hag.

Ten Hag was reportedly furious at Sancho’s outburst because, given all of the efforts the Dutchman had made to support him during the previous season, he felt personally betrayed by the player.

Since the incident, the winger has not apologised to his management.

Moving away from the club during the January transfer window—probably on loan—seems like the most logical approach to end this protracted saga.

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