DEVASTATING NEWS: According to the news press in Colombia it’s yet another sad news for Liverpool FC star man who has bit of happiness yesterday after giving Liverpool the goal they needed. It’s been said that the kidnapper are refusing to release Luiz Diaz Father and has left he and the Diaz marulanda family in anguish

Luis Diaz of Liverpool enjoyed a momentary flash of joy on Sunday as the winger came back from behind to salvage a draw for the team against Luton Town. However, the Colombian international is still waiting for his father to be freed from captors.


The National Liberation Army (ELN) has not yet freed Diaz’s father, who was abducted along with his parents in the town of Barrancas more than a week ago.

His father will be released as soon as possible, according to the group, and his mother was discovered not long after the crime was committed. In response, the ELN released a statement explaining why they haven’t released him yet and why they’re waiting for assurances from the Colombian government.

ELN issues a statement on Luis Diaz’s father.

Jose Manuel Martinez Quiroz, the ELN commander, has approved a statement regarding Diaz’s father’s release. It stated that although they intend to prevent confrontations with government forces, they will release the man.

According to footballwave, the announcement said, “We notified the nation of the decision to release Luis Manuel Díaz on November 2.” We started the procedure to do this as quickly as feasible on that day. We are working to prevent conflicts with government personnel.

The region remains militarised. As part of a massive search operation, they are conducting flyovers, disembarking troops, broadcasting, and providing rewards. The discharge plan cannot be carried out swiftly and safely in this scenario, protecting Luis Manuel Diaz from harm.

The release will be delayed and the risks will rise if operations in the region go on. We acknowledge the suffering of the Diaz Marulanda family, and we promise to honour our promise to free him on our own initiative as soon as we have security guarantees for the advancement of the liberation effort.



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