BREAKING NEWS: I believe he and the board are trying to damage my career, when we win i am one of the best player to ever wear the shirt, when we lose I’m always made the scape goat. I’m not sure what I did wrong. I love united but I have to end this never ending folly. I’m sorry – A senior Manchester united player is no longer happy at Manchester united and has confirmed he’s willing to leave the club and ready to listen to offers from one of the top clubs that needs his service in the forthcoming transfer window.

Marcus Rashford, a star with Manchester United, has taken aim at the fan account The United Stand on X, criticising them for seemingly spreading suspicions over his future.


In addition to struggling on the pitch this season and falling well short of the kind of play we witnessed from him the previous one, Rashford has made headlines this week for his actions off the pitch.

Shortly after the England international’s defeat to Manchester City in the Manchester Derby, he was seen out and about having fun. Erik ten Hag later said that he had discussed the player’s attitude with him and that there were no more problems.

Even so, Rashford missed the match against Fulham due to an injury that was later diagnosed, but it appears that this has caused more people to take notice.

  Kindly refrain from disseminating false rumours.

 — November 6, 2023, Marcus Rashford             (@MarcusRashford)

 However, Rashford is not amused by the rumours and calls them “malicious” in the post above.

Rashford’s lack of form has had a significant negative influence on the team this season, so MUFC supporters will be hoping he can move past this and return to his best as soon as possible.


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