DEVASTATING NEWS: It’s been confirmed this Evening That the Columbian international and Liverpool FC star players Father who was kidnapped is in a very bad state.The Columbian government are still trying to identifies the organisation that took Luis Diaz’s father hostage.

The Colombian government has verified that Luis Diaz's father, who was abducted by armed individuals, is still missing. Diaz plays for Liverpool.


As per the latest information provided by the Columbian authorities to South American journalist Pipe Sierra, the armed group who abducted Diaz’s father was the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Mr. Luis Manuel Diaz, Diaz’s father, hasn’t been seen in a few days. The winger’s father is still being held captive, while his mother was also taken hostage but was freed a few hours later.

Although the ELN’s motivation for abducting Diaz’s parents is still unknown, one would suppose that money is the primary driver.

No matter what the criminal organisation stands to gain from this brutal deed, Diaz and his family remain on everyone’s minds.

Liverpool has not yet responded to this most recent development, but footballwave will notify readers as soon as they do.




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