BREAKING NEWS:coming from Fabrizio Romano, ” his winning mentality and his drive for success scares and I am very happy for him. honestly for a fact I can tell you that hojlund is way better than haaland, why? Hojlund can be an individual player and also a team play but haaland can’t be the two”. Neville has hailed hojlund impact in Manchester and also lay claims that his way better that Erling Haaland.


“The fans were in disbelief at Rasmus Højlund’s remarkable feat, with many asserting that he surpasses even Haaland. His achievement sent shockwaves through the Premier League, marking a significant milestone for Manchester United against Luton Town. Højlund etched his name in the annals of history with two unprecedented displays of skill that no striker had ever accomplished before.

In a lightning-fast start at Kenilworth Road, the Danish prodigy wasted no time, finding the back of the net within a mere 37 seconds, capitalizing on an error from Amari’i Bell and displaying remarkable composure to convert the chance. Shortly after, Højlund further asserted United’s dominance with an audacious chested finish, redirecting an effort from Alejandro Garnacho into the goal.

However, Luton Town refused to succumb easily, clawing one back in the 13th minute as Carlton Morris bravely headed past Andre Onana, narrowing the scoreline to 2-1. Despite his prolific performances in the Champions League, Højlund initially struggled to find his scoring touch in his first 14 Premier League appearances.

Nonetheless, the £72 million signing ended his Premier League goal drought with a pivotal winner against Aston Villa, securing a 3-2 triumph at Old Trafford. Højlund’s mental fortitude shines through, as evidenced by his reaction to the hefty transfer fee paid by United.

Christian Mouroux, sporting director of Højlund’s former club, revealed, “When the fee was first disclosed, he was taken aback. But after processing it, he realized that someone had demonstrated faith in his abilities. He understood that it was now his duty to fulfill those expectations and unveil his true potential.”

Højlund’s stellar performance against Luton Town left fans in awe, cementing his status as a rising star. His journey exemplifies resilience, overcoming challenges to showcase his immense talent on the grand stage of Manchester United. The weight of the transfer fee seems to have fueled his determination, transforming it into a catalyst for fulfilling expectations and realizing his true potential at the highest level of football.”

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