SHOCKING NEWS: Chelsea Pochettino has blasted and sent a warning to one of his players after the team’s draw against Manchester City in the premier league. The manager singled out the player after his poor performance to the draw, calling him a “game killer” He wants shouting at, I nearly said something else then he’s main reasons we drew the match. that’s why the fans don’t respect his presence in the team. and has no importance to the team. ” I think it’s high time for him to leave he cost us this match”.


Cole Palmer returned to Manchester City with a smile on his face as he prepared to face his current club, Chelsea, in a crucial Premier League clash. The 21-year-old midfielder, who emerged from the City academy and spent more than ten years with the club, made a move to Chelsea during the summer transfer window. Since joining the Blues, Palmer has been a revelation, showcasing his talent with 14 goals and nine assists in 31 appearances under Mauricio Pochettino’s management.

Ahead of Saturday evening’s highly anticipated match between Chelsea and the reigning Premier League champions, Palmer was included in Chelsea’s starting lineup and received warm greetings from his former City teammates in the tunnel. Players such as Rodri, Kyle Walker, and Erling Haaland exchanged handshakes with Palmer, who embraced the opportunity to reconnect with old friends. However, such pre-match interactions have faced criticism from figures like Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane, who has been vocal about his disapproval of players engaging in friendly exchanges before intense matches.

Keane, known for his fierce competitiveness during his playing days, expressed his disdain for such interactions, citing his belief that players should save their pleasantries for after the battle on the pitch. Palmer, despite making 41 appearances under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, was not a regular starter under the Spanish manager. Guardiola acknowledged Palmer’s desire for more playing time and respected his decision to seek opportunities elsewhere. Guardiola stated that if Palmer had received the same amount of playing time as Phil Foden, he might have remained at the club. However, Guardiola expressed his happiness for Palmer’s move to Chelsea, understanding that such transitions are part of football, especially when top clubs like Chelsea come calling.

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