BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal legend Ian Wright has called for Nottingham Forest fans to be punished for their treatment of an Arsenal player during the match last night. The player was targeted with abuse by the home fans, which Wright has described as “disgraceful”. He believes that such behaviour has no place in football and that the fans responsible should face consequences for their actions. “Nottingham Forest fans ‘must be punished’ for ‘disgraceful’ treatment of Arsenal star”.


Arsenal legend Ian Wright took aim at Nottingham Forest’s fans for their persistent targeting of Arsenal star Bukayo Saka during Tuesday night’s 2-1 victory at the City Ground. Wright expressed his disapproval of the Forest faithful’s behavior, suggesting that the Football Association (FA) should take punitive measures against them for their sustained taunts directed at Saka throughout the 90 minutes.

During the match, Saka faced boos from the Forest fans, but his response on the field, culminating in sealing the second goal for Arsenal, brought satisfaction to Wright. Addressing the peculiar animosity from the Forest supporters, Wright attributed the victory to their own team’s shortcomings, particularly highlighting poor play and mistakes that, in his view, played into Arsenal’s hands.

Wright shared his sentiments on Premier League Productions, stating, “I was quite pleased with this (Saka’s goal) because for some reason Forest fans were booing him. So I was quite pleased. Poor play from Forest again. Between the goalkeeper (Matt Turner) and some of the mistakes they make, they kind of hand it to teams.”

The drama didn’t conclude with the final whistle, as Wright also weighed in on the heated exchange between Arsenal’s Ben White and Oleksandr Zinchenko. Arteta had to intervene to calm down the emotional Ukrainian left-back during the on-field altercation.

Wright interpreted this incident as a display of passion within the team, emphasizing that, despite disagreements, the key lies in resolving such conflicts. He remarked, “It says to me that there is fire in the belly. Whatever has happened, you know Zinchenko is a very emotional guy. A great player, but a very emotional guy. Something has caused a problem there, but it will be sorted, that’s the main thing.”

Highlighting the intense pressure as the season approaches its crucial stages, Wright acknowledged the tough nature of the game and the emotions involved. He stressed the importance of overcoming such challenges and dealing with the pressure that comes with the final stretch of the season. In essence, Ian Wright not only celebrated Arsenal’s victory but also provided insights into the match dynamics, fan reactions, and the post-game confrontation, underscoring the heightened intensity and pressure during this crucial phase of the season.

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