DEVASTATING NEWS: reports coming from Real Madrid say the club has told five of their players that they can leave with this players no longer in the plans of the club.

As La Liga takes a break for the Spanish winter, Real Madrid is leading the league after an outstanding start to the 2023–24 season.


Carlo Ancelotti’s adept management coped remarkably with Karim Benzema’s departure, elevating Jude Bellingham to a leading position at Santiago Bernabeu. This English talent has arguably showcased unparalleled prowess in world football this season, becoming indispensable as Real Madrid strives to recapture both La Liga and the Champions League titles.

As Real Madrid eyes potential January arrivals crucial for their Champions League campaign, the impending transfer window might witness the departure of several players. Among those likely to exit are Dani Ceballos, facing stiff competition in midfield and seeking more consistent playtime. Fran Garcia, having lost his starting role, might opt for a loan move if Miguel Gutierrez returns to the club.

Luka Modric, although a more frequent starter recently, remains uncertain in the starting lineup, with a potential move to join Lionel Messi at Inter Miami being an enticing prospect, although a departure is more likely in the summer after contributing to Madrid’s pursuit of success.

Additionally, young prospects like Nico Paz and Alvaro Rodriguez might seek loan opportunities elsewhere to gain crucial match experience, considering limited opportunities within the first team. Such moves resonate with Real Madrid’s trend of young talents temporarily leaving before potential returns to the club.

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  1. Tamba Fenffa says

    Am not happy for the departure of Garcia

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