BREAKING NEWS: Fabrizio Romano has just confirmed Manchester United has won the race ahead of Newcastle united in signing one of Juventus outstanding star player…


Footballwave  has provided an update on the situation with Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot, who has long been linked with Premier League clubs.

Even though Rabiot’s contract was about to expire and he was considering a challenge in the Premier League, Romano, writing exclusively for the Daily Briefing, revealed that there was no chance Rabiot would leave Juventus in January.

According to a recent footballwave , Rabiot, a 28-year-old former Paris Saint-Germain player, was being pursued by Manchester United and Newcastle in addition to Juventus, who were eager to sign him to a new contract.

Rabiot would undoubtedly be a better midfield option for Manchester United than the underwhelming Casemiro, while Newcastle would gain from having someone step in for the suspended Sandro Tonali, who will be out for nearly a year.

But when it came to Rabiot’s circumstances, Romano was unambiguous, stating: “My understanding is very clear that Adrien Rabiot is not leaving Juventus in January – it’s impossible.” This is in contrast to some rumours and his contract status.

“Rabiot is someone that Juventus wants to keep, and they will definitely offer him a new contract. He isn’t currently in communication with any other clubs, even though he would like to play in the Premier League eventually. However, he continues to be an important player for Juventus.


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